Hi, I'm Jerry Dowling and here is the story of how Jerry Hauls It All 
got its start.

I started in the workforce around 1977 with delivering the local Times Herald Record, mowing lawns and other related yard work and odd jobs. I also worked as a laborer at a local Goshen, NY. farm that Mr. Tony Koryicki owned and operated. My duties on the farm consisted of various odd jobs and harvesting the farm's large abundant hay fields. I also worked as a service clerk at the famous Lloyd's Supermarket and Super Center in Middletown, NY. while still attending high school. Upon graduating from Goshen High School in 1984 I worked for a large successful landscaping and design company located in Bergen County, New Jersey. In the fall of 1986 I was given the opportunity to work at a high end local retail furniture design center located in Middletown, NY. as a delivery and set-up driver. After just a couple of years of very hard work and many long hours I was then able to move up the ranks to the position of "warehouse/delivery manager".  My position involved receiving, inventory control, customer service, managing several employees and distribution of new furniture to residential homes through out Orange County and beyond. Unfortunately, after several great successful years in business they started to experience financial difficulties and were forced to close their doors in June 1996'. I was totally devastated at this time as I had my family to support. I immediately took a job in a large residential treatment center for physically and mentally challenged kids and adults known as Sullivan Diagnostic Treatment Center located in Harris, NY. I held the position of purchasing agent for the entire center. The job included ordering, purchasing, receiving and distribution of supplies through the center. During this time, I continued to pursue other career opportunities. I took several civil service exams and I was offered a government pension job as a New York State correction officer in May of 1997.  
Working in the prison system as a New York State Correction Officer was a very good life experience. However, the job itself was not very rewarding. I felt very stagnant but I still I continued to learn as much as I could. I took a promotional exam to better utilize my managerial skills which would allow me to perform other types of duties within the prison system. .  

 I've always enjoyed working with the public . During the late 1990's I came up with a sort of a "hobby idea" of cleaning out estates for "FREE" because I thought it would be both fun and I could help people. I performed this service with two local Goshen High School teenagers that lived in my neighborhood . Both these kids were very instrumental with this terrific service. They both were great kids with awesome qualities. I always tried to teach them things that would help them later in life. These young men looked up to me as a"Father" figure. The kids and I were always fascinated with flea markets, thrift stores and garage sale items. In the beginning, I attempted to purchase a thrift store outside of Middletown, NY. *Due to unforeseen events, this never took place as the building had too many code violations from the prior owners. I was a little disappointed but I wasn't about to give up. Then, I then decided it would be best to purchase a large open cargo van and rent storage barns in which I would fill with the many items we were collecting from various clean outs we did. Next, I began to run many ads in local newspapers as“The Retriever Team” - 845-800-9733 and realized the power of advertising. I quickly developed a great name for myself after just a couple of years and an outstanding reputation for removing "usable items" for FREE. Unfortunately there was a lot of time devoted to picking up every one else's "junk" across the entire region. Many times we would have to pay expensive landfill dumping fees out of our pockets to dispose of folks unwanted items. I decided there had to be a better way to make this a real legitimate organized full service junk removal business. Upon careful consideration and many long hours of intense brain storm sessions, I was able to create a plan to make my hobby or dream turn into a money making business. It was in September 2003 that I decided to turn my hobby into a well needed service business. I created a full service junk removal company called Jerry -“Hauls It All”, Inc.
During this whole time I was still working midnights as a Correction Officer in the New York State prison system. It was very difficult to work two full-time jobs and it was wearing on my family and I. In the beginning of Jerry Hauls It All, I would do just about any kind of removal job just to get my name out there. During this time period I invested most of the money I earned right back into the business through heavy BRAND advertising in the area. After only a few short years, the brand became very well known. I honestly can say that through all my hard work I am known through out the community and surrounding areas as one of the original local full-service junk removal companies. We are known as a company that cares, has good standards and puts the customer’s needs first. In the beginning, I started with cleaning out attics, basements, garages and sheds, now we’ve grown to a full service clean-out and junk removal company. I have expanded my business to include complete demolition work of many structures, such as pools, decks, sheds, barns, fences, garages, etc. I see it through from beginning to end and also offer dumpster container rentals as part of our services too. 
In June 2007 I made a decision to vest my "pension" with the State. I decided I needed to be in the driver’s seat of my business and I wanted to move to the "next level" with my established company. I also wanted to be able to reap the rewards of all my hard work and to give my personal family life more priority. I want more of a balance between personal and work. It is now my goal to become the best in my business and to become the best person I can be. I thank all my past and present customers for believing in me and helping me to grow my business to where it is today. Most of all I'd like to thank God and my entire family and friends for giving me their love and encouragement during this wonderful journey.   
Jerry Hauls It All has most definitely 
"crawled before we walked..."

"We've Hauled A Lot of #2 to Become #1"

Smiley's Hauling
"We Promise to Turn Your Frowns Upside Down"


Why would I use Jerry Hauls It All service instead of a renting a dumpster?

Jerry Hauls It All - Junk Removal will provide all the loading and clean up for you. We only charge you for the volume of materials we put in our truck as opposed to a rented dumpster where you are charged a flat fee for the dumpster regardless of how many items are placed in it. 
Let us help you avoid other people filling up your dumpster overnight if your job is not completed in one day. Not to mention the complaints from your neighbors because the dumpster remained in front of your property long than expected (eye sore). We can help you prevent having to file for a permit and meeting city/county requirements. Jerry Hauls It All makes garbage removal, junk removal, trash removal, and waste removal easy.

How do you dispose of the junk you haul away?

Most of the materials that we haul away goes to recycling centers and city transfer stations. Some materials are donated to charities and people in need. What we cannot donate goes straight to your local dumping facilities.   
Who are Jerry Hauls It All's customers?
* Homeowners
* Renters
* Friends
* Family Members
* Employees
* Real Estate Agent / Broker
* Attorneys
* Property Managers
* Home Improvement Contractors
* Construction Project Managers
* Public Adjustors
* Insurance Restoration Companies
* Elder Law Lawyers
* Guardians
* Home Care Service
* Home Attendant Service
* Senior Centers
* Churches Ministers
* Store Front Leasers
* Probate Personal Representative
* Estate Executors
* Other    
Why do they need Jerry Hauls It All service?
    * Estate clean out
    * Move in /out
    * Renovation
    * Fire damage clean ups
    * Construction clean ups
    * Estate clean out
    * Selling your home
    * Removing clutter
    * Eviction clean out
    * Fire violation
    * Flood damage clean ups
    * Yard debris
    * Mold infestation
    * Very soiled apartment       
Where does Jerry Hauls It All provide services?
    * Basements
    * Attics
    * Garages
    * Storage space
    * Warehouses
    * Store fronts
    * Schools
    * Churches
    * Restaurants
    * Crawl space
    * Factories
    * Buildings
    * Back yards
    * Front yards
    * Curbs   
What do they want Jerry Hauls It All to remove?
Appliances: Freezers, Refrigerators, Washers & Dryers and Air Conditioner Units.

Furniture: Beds, Chairs, Couches, Dressers, Fish Tanks, Futons, Loveseats, Mattresses, Sofas, Tables.

Office: Books & Binders, Computers, File Boxes, File Cabinets, Magazines, Newspapers, Printers, Shelving Units.

Outdoors: Hot-Tubs, Pallets & Crates, Pool & Deck, Shed & Storage, Trash, Yard Rubbish. 

TVs, Cardboard Boxes, Cars, Campers, Exercise Equipment, Organs, Pianos, Spoiled Food, Tires, Trailers, Used Clothes.
Is there any thing you do not remove?
Yes, we do not remove toxic chemicals, hazardous materials/products, some paints solvents, asbestos, chemicals, oils, oil drums, medical waste. 

*Note: We will only remove "oil tanks" that are completely emptied and clean of all oil and solvents.
Do you recycle?
Jerry Hauls It All recycles all recyclable items. This includes paper, wood, metal, plastic, or e-waste. Other items may be donated to local charities. Leftover waste is taken to the transfer station or landfill.      


Jerry Hauls It All always tries to give back to its community through paid "sponsorship events" or charitable organizations that need "donations" for good causes .
Past Sponsor for "Art for Aiden" fund raiser event organized by Keller Williams Real Estate in Central Valley, New York.
Donated our services for the "clean-up" of St. James Church in Middletown, New York on January 31, 2008.
Tri-State Chamber of Commerce 10K Race Sponsor in October 2007'.
GOLD Sponsor for the 25th and 26th annual "Great American Weekend" event in Goshen, New York in 2006' and 2007'. *Sponsor of the 2008' "Great American Weekend" also.
Sponsor for the Monroe "Clean Sweep Day" in Spring 2007' and Spring 2008' in Monroe, New York.
Donated my Dumpster Container to Mayor Michael Newhard of Warwick, New York to assist with the renovation and clean-up of the old historical church that they moved and relocated to Forrester Avenue in the Village of Warwick.
Donated my roll off garbage container to "Bill" of the Harriman Fire Department to assist with the clean-up of their 2008' Family Carnival Fundraiser to raise money for the purchase of new equipment held at the new Target store's parking lot.
Donated my garbage dumpster container to the "Harriman Fire Department" for the large Fireman Parade they held in the Fall of 2008' located at the Harriman Park located off of River Road in Harriman, NY.


Dumpster Rental
LaMela Sanitation
1118 Route 9W
Marlboro, NY 12542

Tel: (845) 236-4222

Real Estate
Rita Geissler
Licensed Real Estate Broker 
70 Gilbert Street - Suite 204
Monroe, NY 10950

Tel: 1-845-783-RITA
Fax: 1-845-783-6960  
Email: 783rita@warwick.net
Interior Redesign Industry Specialist
Claudia Jacobs

Tel: 1-845-294-8993
Email: info@claudiajacobsdesigns.com

Home Inspections
George Famulare
82 Skyline Drive
Highland Mills, NY 10930

Tel: 1-917-453-0676
Email: gfamulare@yahoo.com


The Retriever Team - Clean Up and Trucking 
Indoor and Outdoor Removal Service for Home or Business 

Do you have a cluttered attic, basement, or garage?  Allow us to help increase your living or storage space. 

"You Name It, We Do It" 

Attic + Basement + Garage + Estate Clean-Outs + Pool + Shed + Appliance Removal 

Real Estate and Tenant Clean-Ups 

Yard and Construction Debris + Odd Jobs and so much more 

Our service area consists of many of the major cities & towns in and around the Hudson Valley, New York.  We offer Unbeatable Prices as well as Courteous Service.
Jerry Hauls It All is a professional full-service junk removal company we are experts in Sanitation Service, Trash Pickup, Rubbish, Disposal,Solid Waste Management, hauling debris materials, Trash to the dump, Scrap Metal Salvage, Appliances, Junk Car, truck, equipment hauling, machinery, Furniture Removal, Garbage Collection, Clutter Removal, and Demolition Services in Orange County NY, and Hudson Valley NY.

At Jerry Hauls It All we remove almost anything you don’t want from old air conditioners, washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, bedroom furniture, living room sofas and chairs, and used appliances to yard waste. We can safely dispose of electronics, and construction renovation debris. Jerry Hauls It All does demolition of barns, bungalows, basements, bathrooms, kitchens, garages, fences, decks, pools, houses, trailers too. We do all the loading and cleanup, wherever the junk is we will gather it up for you. We are one of the original Orange County ,New York junk hauling furniture removal and estate clean-out junk removal services. Our specialties are bank foreclosure property trash-outs and whole house clean-outs for residential and commercial real estate clients. We help to prepare homes for resale and remodeling projects. Real Estate closing issues such as divorce, estate, or building violation matters are another key to our continued success. No need for you to get your hands dirty because we do all the work for you. We have an assortment of different size dump trucks, equipment, and roll-off garbage dumpster trucks for every size junk removal job. Jerry Hauls It All junk and garbage removal services the entire Hudson Valley, New York region and many of its surrounding neighboring cities and towns.

Got Junk in Orange, Sullivan, Ulster or Dutchess County, New York?  We are your garbage cleanup dumpster solution!

Full service junk removal available in Bullville NY, Campbell Hall NY, Central Valley NY, Chester NY, Circleville NY, Cornwall NY, Cornwall on Hudson NY, Goshen NY, Greenwood Lake NY, Harriman NY, Highland Mills NY, Hopewell NY, Middletown NY, Monroe NY, New Windsor NY, Newburgh NY, Poughkeepsie NY, Salisbury Mills NY, Tuxedo NY, Warwick NY and Vailsgate NY.
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